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AEC (UK) CAD Standards - A unified cad standard for the architectural, engineering and construction industry in the UK

Ask Inga - Inga Morozoff now works for Bentley and her extensive store of knowledge is now part of the BE Communities site.

Bentley Communities - Bentley's discussion forums and other support resources have been amalgamated into this massive resource, sign up or miss out!

Cadalyst - An index of MicroStation features on Cadalyst, The Productivity Corner items are particularly useful

CadDigest - "The reading room for Computer Aided Design" with a good MicroStation portal.

Eat Your CAD - Lots of very practical and well explained resources for many aspects of MicroStation are available here.

LA Solutions Articles page - LA Solutions have published quite a few documents, mostly relating to Macro programming. Sample code is included in many of them.

MicroStation Today News - contains some useful tips along with many others that use Axiom's MicroStation toolkits. - From it's intial interests primarily dedicated to the development and promotion of 3D design based upon geometry t he smartgeometry group has diversified into a wide range of digital subjects, well worth a visit to the site or participation in their events.

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