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Visualisation Event 2012
by bentleyuser - 26 October 2012
Location: Bentley's London Office
Date: 05 December 2012
Time: 15:00

Just like the Coca Cola trucks, another sign Christmas is coming is when Jerry Flynn hits London.

He is with us again for our annual Bentley visualisation round up. Bentley's new Effects Manager will be to the fore along with a wealth of useful tips and tricks.

Latest news:

David Tracy, Community Director of Luxology, over from California will also be attending to tell us about the potential new for features following the Luxology/Foundry merger and where this might take us in the Bentley world.

In addition we have 3DConnexion attending with a range of their 3D controllers for you to try out.

Marc Thomas will do two short sessions:
One on how to use 3DConnexion controllers with MicroStation and add your own shortcuts to the function buttons, and another on setting up network rendering.

The event kicks off at 3pm and wraps at 6pm followed by further discussion at the neighbouring Whetherspoon (which has a surprisingly good range of beers!)

The address of Bentley's offices is 9th Floor, 20 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V OBG.

Registration for this event is now closed.

Hey, have you ever seen Santa and Jerry in the same room?