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Pointing your workspace at the correct symbology files.
by Marc Thomas - 24 May 2005

Sometimes you have to read things really carefully to get them right! Having become familiar with the prepend and append operators you will probably have got used to the notion that prepending paths to your standards files will make them take priority over the delivered files in the workspace\system folder.

One of the legacies of earlier versions of MicroStation is a lack of consistency with these things, so you have to be careful. One example that I just ran into again is font.rsc. This lives in the workspace\system\symb folder. If you have previously imported truetype fonts they will have ended up in this file and you really want it to be in the workspace\standards\symb folder with the rest of your customised files.

So add the following line to your standards.cfg file:

MS_SYMBRSRC < $(_USTN_SITE)symb/*.rsc

to prepend the modified file ensuring that it gets read first.

Nope, didn't work!

At this point a careful reading of the note in the Workspace > Configuration dialog > Symbology category will reveal why:

"A list of symbology resource files. Files are opened in the order they appear in the list. The last one in the list has the highest priority. If undefined, MicroStation looks in the current resource path for a file called "mssymb.rsc". (MS_SYMBRSRC)"

Note that it says that the last one in the list has highest priority. This is a case where append will load the file that you want to take effect:

MS_SYMBRSRC > $(_USTN_SITE)symb/*.rsc