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How to get a list of all of MicroStation's Configuration Variables
by Marc Thomas - 13 January 2005

To get a listing of all of MicroStation's Configuration Variables, use this key-in:

mdl load cfgvars printCfgVarResource

It will create two text files in MicroStation's root directory: cfgvars.txt and cfglong.txt. This key-in is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown.

Whilst not counting as proper documentation cfglong.txt does have at least a comment after each variable to give some idea of what the variable does. These are the comments displayed in the Workspace > Configuration dialog. Unfortunately the values are not always fully explained in this listing.
Cfgvars.txt lists the Cfg Var Name, it's Type (Filename, Command Line, Directory, Filename amongst others), a Short Description, whether a Restart is needed for it to take effect (Yes/No) and Project (Yes/No) which I assume tells you whether the variable can be controlled at the project level or not.

Setting _USTN_DISPLAYALLCFGVARS = 1 will list all available cfg vars including the _USTN vars in the Configuration dialog, this is probably best set in a admin pcf or ucf file.

This command still works in V8.5.1 so I assume that it behaves as previous versions.

This command is also "undocumented" as far as I know. Thank you to AskInga and Cadventure for bringing it to my attention.