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PostScript Plot drivers
by Marc Thomas - 21 September 2004

When you or your system manager customise Bentley's plot drivers you put your versions into ..workspace\standards\plotdrv (you do don't you?), on a network share in most cases.

The key point of this note is to remind you to ensure that the file is also copied from the ..workspace\system\plotdrv folder to ..workspace\standards\plotdrv, without this file using any of the customised PostScript drivers will result in a cryptic error message.

The EPS drivers, epscripm.plt and epscripc.plt, don't need much modification. Commenting out the imperial page sizes section and the addition of some useful page sizes like these to the metric section is probably all you will need, these examples which you can cut and paste are based on the delivered A4 page size:

size=(594,420)/num=4/off=(12,12)/name=A2Hires ; leave room for border
size=(840,594)/num=4/off=(12,12)/name=A1HiRes ; leave room for border

Note that these two sizes are going to create fairly hefty output files, the object being to create a file capable of producing a lot of detail when imported into Photoshop or other imaging application.