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More on AccuSnap
by Marc Thomas - 31 August 2004

I've already mentioned using Ctr+Shift to turn AccuSnap on when placing a fence.

In addition Ctr+Shift will turn AccuSnap off in normal use, so if you want to stop AccuSnap for an individual point placement hold down Ctr+Shift.

Also in the unlikely event that you are working with AccuSnap off and want to turn it on for occasional operations, Ctr+Shift will turn AccuSnap on.

AccuSnap's settings are under Settings > Snaps > AccuSnap. Generally I have found that the defaults work well and have not fiddled with them.
However, one that is worth turning on in some cases, is Highlight Elements. This makes it clear which element AccuSnap is snapping to, useful in a busy drawing .