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Put your own cities into the Rendering Tools
by Marc Thomas - 11 September 2002

Those of us operating outside of the US get a little bored with scrolling through all the US cities to get to the rest of the world, and I'm sure there are many other US cities that people would like to list too. This is easy to change. All you need to know are the Latitude, Longitude and GMT offset for your city.

You can edit the file "globcity.dat" in the "...\Bentley\Workspace\System\data" directory. This is an ASCII text file that you can edit with note pad, PFE or any other ASCII editor.

A full explanation of the format for the data is given at the top of the file, it's quite simple:

City Name
GMT Offset

so London, UK is:


On networked systems this file should be in the control of the system administrator so you will need to ask for the file to be amended and provide the details for the places that you want to include. No one says they have to be cities, so there is no reason not to include the co-ordinates for Llantwit Major or Shepton Mallet.