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Enhanced Reference Clipping in v8
by Lynne Taylor - 05 August 2002

Did you know that in v8, you can define a clipping boundary for a reference by identifying an element in the active model? The element must be closed and planar e.g. a circle, ellipse, complex shape, or grouped hole. Modifying the clip element automatically updates the view to reflect the new clipping boundary.

To clip a reference or references to an element, follow these easy steps…..

To define the reference clipping boundary, place the desired element over the clip area (in the illustration below, I have used a green circle).

In the Reference dialogue box select the references you wish to clip and click on the Clip Reference icon.

The Set Reference Clip Boundary dialogue box opens. Select Element in the Method field, and make sure that "Use References Dialog List" is switched on.

Identify and accept the clipping element (in this example, the green circle) and.....

Hey presto, the references are clipped to the selected element!

Don't forget, if the clipping element is modified, the clipped references will automatically update!