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Fences in V8
by Lynne Taylor - 02 April 2002

Ever noticed the Fence Active Icon (for warning you when you have placed a fence) in the status bar of v7? Most users Iíve come across were aware of its presence and function, but didnít really pay it much attention.

The function of this feature has been greatly enhanced in v8, which may well encourage you to use it more!

When there is no fence placed, if you position the cursor over the Fence Active area of the status bar and click with the mouse button, a pop-up caption appears to tell you that there is no fence active.

When you have placed a fence, an icon appears to tell you which type of fence you have active. These icons also go some way to explaining the various fence modes.


You can easily change the mode of an active fence by clicking on the icon and selecting the desired option.

And, finally..... Have you noticed that when you select elements using Element Selection or PowerSelector whilst a fence is active, the fence is automatically cancelled?