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Pop-up Calculator
by Nigel Davies - 31 December 2001

You can perform calculations on any AccuDraw entry simply by keying in + - / * or =. A great application of this is dividing spaces without having to first place construction lines.

Take the example below of a door opening in a simple concrete wall. To place a centre-line in the door opening, select Place SmartLine.

Place a tentative point on left hand edge of the opening, at the upper left hand corner.
Move towards the other corner, using to set AccuDraw's Smart Axis Lock, and place a tentative point on the opposite corner as shown below.

Make sure your focus is on AccuDraw, and type "/". Pop-up Calculator appears by the AccuDraw window into which you can type "2".

You should notice the result is given above the entry field. In our example, 910mm/2 = 455mm. Simply follow this with a data point, and AccuDraw begins placing a line directly in the centre of the top edge of the opening.