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Greg Bentley's live product demo…
by Marc Thomas - 06 September 2011

To end his presentation at tonight's opening of Bentley's new BDP designed London office, Greg Bentley went hands-on with Bentley Navigator for the iPad.

With the iPad hooked up to the presentation screen (via a totally last century VGA adapter and cable, c'mon Apple, surely you can do this by wireless!) Greg went through the spec and product data documents for a ceiling hung projector for the meeting room that we were sitting in. He then switched to the 3D model, pointed the iPad at the ceiling and showed us the services above, highlighting the clash between the Projector support bracket and some ductwork.

Altogether very impressive. The model was provided by BDP containing real-world data from the office refurbishment, not just a fictional demo model, giving us a real insight into the potential for change that portable technologies can offer.