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Fixing Minor File Corruption
by Marc Thomas - 24 November 2009

On the whole serious file corruption in MicroStation is a thing of the past. There have been a few oddities though, mostly lines that cannot be selected or manipulated that appear to extend to infinity. Another issue can be when you do a fit all and your drawing is shrunk down one corner and there is are no visible elements.

To get around this zoom to show the whole drawing content, excluding any infinite lines or odd elements at great distances. Put a fence around the whole drawing, then do Fence Delete with the fence type set to Clip-Void. Be careful to set the fence type correctly!
This will snip off the infinite end of the line and/or delete any other elements outside the fence. You should then be able to modify or delete the remaining part of the line.

Remember to reset the fence type back from Clip-Void to Inside or Overlap to avoid embarrassing mistakes next time you use a fence!