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How to Get 3D Into 2D
by Marc Thomas - 17 December 2009

You can reference a 3D file into a 2D file.

Case 1:
Convert a 3D file to 2D.

Create a new 2D file > Reference your 3D file into it > Fence Copy the 3D data into the 2D file.
(note: there is also the export 2D command but this does not necessarily use our seed file, an issue that I am now looking into.)

If this is being done simply to remove the 3D space from otherwise 2D data, job done.

If the original is actually a 3D model it will be flattened and there will probably need to be quite a bit of cleaning up of overlapping lines if the resulting 2D data is then going on to form the basis for further work. In this case get back to me for further advice on better methods (this is supposed to be a tip not an essay!).

Case 2
If you want to add a 3D drawing to a 2D sheet, an isometric or perspective of a complex detail perhaps:

In the 3D file create a Saved View of the detail from the appropriate angle.

In the 2D sheet file attach the 3D file as a reference but instead of attaching the orientation as Coincident Aligned with Master File, look/scroll down the Orientation list and select your saved view. If you are adding the 3D view to, for example, a 1:5 detail the 3D view will also be at 1:5.