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Dimension Element Tool for Flexibility
by Marc Thomas - 15 December 2009

If you have not already used this tool try Dimension Element, the first icon on the Dimensioning Toolbox, it is context sensitive and is ideal for any dimensioning other than running dimension strings.

Click on an element and the option available will change to match the element. Watch the Tool Settings box, this will change depending what you are trying to dimension. Just draw a rectangle and a circle next to one another then use the tool and see how the available settings change. Click on a circle, arc or ellipse and you will automatically be presented with a radius, the tool settings include icons to click for two dimension diameter options. In the case of an ellipse or elliptical arc the radius and dimension will obviously vary.

This will save you using the dedicated radial dimension tools in most cases.

There are also various options for linear dimensions, including Dimension Perpendicular.

To place strings of dimensions use Linear Dimensioning, the second icon in the Dimensioning Toolbox.