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Setting the XM Pre-requisite version number with a GPO - updated to 08.09.04.xx
by Marc Thomas - 14 June 2007

If you use Microsoft Group Policies or other methods to install MicroStation XM and the pre-requisite components, you will need to set a registry key to fool MicroStation into thinking that the pre-requisite installer has run. A new key is currently being added for each new point update of the Pre-requiste package. There are currently two keys:


The future pattern seems clear.

An administrative template (.adm) file for use with Microsoft Group Policies is available for download.


Add this template to the relevant Group Policy, enable it and enter the current Pre-requisite version number, the last 8.9.3 package was 08090309. The current 8.9.4 package is 08090401 at the time of writing.