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Using the correct Input Focus
by Marc Thomas - 23 November 2006

To effectively use keyboard shortcuts the new focus scheme has to be understood.
There are a lot of input points to MicroStation, selecting the correct focus applies your input keystrokes in the right place.

  • Esc = Home. With the focus at Home you can use the Positional Mapping keys.

  • F10 = Tool Settings. Pressing F10 takes you to the Tool Settings dialog. Once there you can use the up/down arrow or Tab keys to move up and down the available options, then Spacebar to display pop-up option menus followed by up/down arrow to select from the pop-up menu.

  • Spacebar = Accudraw. This give access to all of the familiar AccuDraw shortcuts and a series of new ones.

  • Enter = Key-in dialog.

  • To move between inputs press Esc followed by the appropriate focus key.